Pro service.

We highly value honest doing and clear lines in Koskenpää Felt Factory. Customer orientation and versatility are the cornerstones of our business. We have extended our role from material deliveries to consultant services so that our clients can be confident on choosing the right materials.

KH Factory services are suitable for different kinds of needs – from demanding industrial development projects to micro companies’ challenges. We here at KH Felts always put emphasis on clients needs
- best solutions are made in collaboration.

Growth in expertise.

Our expertise is based on the experience and openness gained through years. We have a genuine willingness to serve our clients in the best possible way in an open and honest atmosphere. We value openness and cherish confidentiality in all our collaboration relations. The guarantee of knowledge comes from KH Felts’ 90 years’ experience in felt business. We continuously develop our know-how with modern solutions.

KH Felt is almost 90 years old, but we still are an agile partner
and a co-worker of many possibilities.

Few words of our company history.

KH Felts (Koskenpään Huopatehdas) was founded in 1922 by a businessman Kustaa Vuolle-Apiala. For decades, different felt shoes and a variety of industrial felts were manufactured in the Koskenpää Felt Factory. Also Marshal Mannerheim’s felt boots got their shape here in Koskenpää.

Mannerheimin_huopikas_1 Mannerheimin_huopikas_2

Marshal Mannerheim’s felt boots

Manufacture of the synthetic sealing material began in 1970s. Present-day’s polypropylene sealing (the KH sealing strip) has originally been developed and manufactured here in Koskenpää Felt Factory, and in 1990s it became our factory’s main product.

KH Felts has moved from manufacturing to distribution, and at present time our selection covers traditional industrial felt qualities as well as coloured wool felts for example for handicraft needs.

High class Central European felt manufacturers are most capable to meet the today’s demanding quality requirements. From the wide selection it is easy to find felts for all kinds of needs.


KH Felts’s selection also includes carded wools that handicraft hobbyists are familiar with. FINNWOOL is coloured according to our colour chart, which is designed by textile artist Maisa Tikkanen. In addition we offer felting needles and under-lays for needle-felting.

Koskenpää Felt Factory often supports young designers and artisans in forms of thesis and projects.

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