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The selection of KH Felts at Koskenpään Huopatehdas covers the following product groups:

1 KH sealing strip

Our KH felt strip has been developed for wooden structures, a sealing strip with high tolerance for humidity. KH felt strip is traditionally used for sealing seams of log structures. The sealing strip allows wood to breath and does not absorb the humidity. Read more about KH felt strip.

2 Industrial felts

Factory’s core competency includes industrial felt products. We are familiar with even the most specialised felt products and will help you to find the best solution for your needs. There are hundreds of different industrial felt products: we can offer you felt in rolls, discs, buttons and strips. To read more about our felt products, choose Industry as your sector or click here to see our product range.

3 Coloured felts

We also have a good selection of coloured wool felts as well as polypropylene felts. Wool felts are often used in different handicraft and interior designs.

Synthetic coloured felt can be used e.g. in fair wall coverings or floor constructions, in car upholstery or on the backside of a fur skin.

For more information:

Coloured wool felt
Coloured synthetic felt

To read more about different felts, choose Interior design or Crafts and design from the left-side menu bar.

4 Felting

The KH felting products include

  • FINWOOL – carded wool according to our colour chart
  • felting needles
  • felting under-lays for needle-felting

For further information on felting, see Activities section.

To find out more about felting products, choose one of the following sectors which is closest to your interests: Education, Interior design or Activities.

Further product details you will find here.