Colour wool felts are available in the following thickness and densities:

  • 1-1.5 mm (0,25 -0,28 g/cm³)
  • 2, 3 and 5 mm (0,28 g/cm³)
  • 3 and 5 mm (0,30 g/cm³)

Our technical felt selections (industrial felts) offers felts in several densities and thicknesses. Available colours are natural white, grey mélange and black. The wool percentage varies amongst technical felts. Please note, that industrial felt selection’s colours are not strictly determined, because it always depends on colour shades used in the fibre mixture. Therefore the shades of grey vary greatly between different production lots. Industrial felts have also less strict standards for aesthetic appearance, which shows especially in white shades. There can be more vegetable residues and other impurities in the felt. As clean surface as in designer felts can be guaranteed only in special cases.

Just like wall papers, felts have small differences in shades between product lots. If the ordered amount requires strict colour unity, remember to mention it.

Wool is a natural material and therefore vegetable residues get mixed with wool during sheep’s life. Different treatments will remove these residues, but there might still be a piece of grain or grass left in the end product. But this goes with the territory, so no need to worry.

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Felt colours never appear fully natural in the computer screen, so before making the order we recommend ordering colour samples – single pieces, colour chart or Felt Palette Files. Find out more about these options from our Services section.

Design Felt Selections

Colour information appears when you move your mouse over the image. The available thicknesses for each colour are also given after the picture name. You will get a bigger image by clicking it.


  • Thicknesses: 2, 3 or 5 mm (all colours are available in 3 mm)
  • Density: 0.28 g/cm³
  • 100% wool
  • Light moisture-repellent treatment
  • Ökö-tex 100 Certificate
  • Fire-safety class B2 as floor material

Natural S-Collection

  • Also in Wool White
  • Thicknesses: 2, 3 or 5 mm (all colours are available in 3 mm)
  • Density: 0.28 g/cm³
  • 100% wool
  • Light moisture-repellent treatment
  • Shades S110 and S190 natural wool fibre colour (no dyes)
  • ökö-tex 100 Certificate
  • Fire-safety class B2 as floor material

Natural colour selection’s felts show more or less natural residues, which gives these felts more character. The rough white and truffelbrown shades hold the biggest amount of natural residues and secondly the natural grey mélange. In rough white small coloured spots of pink and blue can also be seen (colour from sheep marking). The white shade holds natural residues the least, (overall very clean).


  • Thin wool felts: natural white, black, natural grey (mélange) and Burnt orange:
    • Thicknesses: ~1 mm, orange 1.5 mm
    • Density 0,28 g/cm³ – burnt orange 0,25 g/cm³
    • Technical wool felts in 1 mm:
      • Mélange grey, black, white
      • roll width 1,75-1,85 m
      • wool persentage ~80-90%
      • About colours: natural white (carbonated) has more creamy shade and some more natural residues than the design felt (S100) wool white. The shade of white also varies between different production lots.
      • About colours: Light natural grey (mélange) has more natural residues than the design felt S170, although the shades are close one another. The mottled colours always vary in shade form lot to lot.
      • About colours: Black: 1 mm (density can also be 0,25 g/cm³). The intensity of the black can vary from lot to lot.
    • Design felt Burnt Orange 1.5 mm
      • Density: 0,25 g/cm
      • Roll width 1,85 m
      • Wool persentage 100%
      • Ökö-tex 100 certificate
      • Machine wash for wool items 30°C (shringage ~1%)
  • Exit items: Coral, Lime, Red Violet: thickness 3 mm - roll width varies
  • Double felt: Natural brown – natural light – 5 mm ( limited availability – check the stocks)
  •  roll width 1,45 m
  • Double felt: – 2 Greys – 3 mm (limited availability – check the stocks)
  • roll width 1,82 m
  • Density 0,30 g/cm³
  • Wool percentage 100 %
  • Thicknesses: 3 mm
  • Density: 0.30 g/cm³
  • Ökö-tex 100 Certificate: Lime, Coral, Red Violet
  • Fire-safety FMVSS 302 or DIN4102 (part 1)
  • Wide range of other colours available by ordering – minimum order approximately 10 m


Suggestive estimation on felt’s sewing suitability is found from the following pdf-chart.

Felt prices and care instructions are given in the following page.

Explore also the special felt qualities of the KH Felts

  • Sandwich 5 mm/ 0.30 g/cm³ – a layered felt, where several colours are put on top of one another
  • Double layered felt that is available in few natural colour combinations
  • Inquiries according to request for quotation, minimum orders vary (+10 m)

Above: Sandwich 5 mm
Below: Twin-layer 5 mm