Synthetic Colour Felts

    Synthetic Colour Felts

    When you need felt material, but the wool felt is too fine s and a bit too pricy, the synthetic felts might be the choice for you. If you are looking for a light fair carpet, contemporary or durable underlays, a decent material for simple upholstery, or a light material for sound absorption that also looks good, then your choice could be synthetic felt.

    SPP Felt Collection

    SPP Colour felt is an excellent choice for upholstering boats, screens and presentation boards or it could be used in window dressing. As a supplementary service, we can offer synthetic felt with adhesive tape, which guarantees more easy and reliable attachment. The SPP collection’s synthetic felts have also a good light resistance (5: scale 1-8).

    Velcro attachment is also possible for SPP felts. Velcro keeps the felt steady, but gives you the chance to remove and re-attach the felt.

    Where to use:
    Schools and office environments: Bulletin boards and dividing screens
    Decoration: Shops and pop-up spaces (for example display windows and floors)
    Structures and furniture for business spaces: For example fair stands and show displays. With adhesive tape the attachments can be done quickly and effortlessly.
    Motor vehicles: Upholstery and sound absorption material
    Taxidermy: Support and upholstery material

    Our colour chart offers you lively and traditional colour options. All SPP felts are 100% polypropylene. There have changes in the availabilities for colours. Availability as follows:

    Stock colours

    Dark grey
    Middle grey
    Light grey
    Graphite Grey (Black mélange)
    Rest of  colours in the stock:
    Bright blue
    Green (Note – green felt is lighter shade than in the picture)
    Out of stock
    Dark blue


    Synthetic SPP felt

    • Price: 10,30 €/m2 (VAT 0%)
    • Minimum order 20 cm, measurements at 10 cm intervals
    • Delivery terms with quotation
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    Technical information

    Fibre material 100% polypropylene
    Width 210 cm
    Weight (DIN 53 854) 330 g/m²
    Thickness (DIN 53 855) 2,5 mm
    Piece length max 50 meters in a roll
    Abrasion test (DIN 53 528) Weight loss <0,5 %
    Building material class (DIN 4102) B2 – when attached to a non-flammable surface
    Light resistance Good – grade 5 (scale 1-8)
    Delivery time for the colours of the colour chart Usually directly from the stock
    (new production lots approximately within 4 weeks)


    FY-PES Collections

    FY-PES collection’s felts are an option for design wool felts and are suitable for interior design and clothing accessories. The smooth surface gives high quality feel for products and low density and soft structure allows different design forms.  When harder abrasion resistance is required – SPP collection should be your option.

    Colour available can be found in album behind this link.
    Collection is new and more colours are added step by step.

    • Price: 3 mm 14,25 €/m²
    • Price: 5 mm 21,90 €/m²
      (+ VAT 24 %)
    • Miminum order: 20 cm, measurements in 10 cm intervals.
    • Special colours with MQO 10 m/colour
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    Technical data

    Fibre material 100 % polyester
    Roll width: 3 mm = 1 000 mm
    5 mm = 900 mm
    Square weight and thickness (+/-10 %): 500 g/m² = 3 mm
    800 g/m² = 5 mm
    Lenghts  max 20 rm / roll
    Care instructions:
    Washing 30 ℃ gentle wash
    Ironing max 110 ℃ (low heat)
    Light resistance Good