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Our services

Our services

1.1. Felt Factory – consulting service

When you are facing great challenges, the Felt Factory – project service is your choice.

Content Time and duration Benefits Price Extra service on demand
Requirement mapping 7,5 h at date agreed Leave time for your own expertise 510€ We will explore your target on the spot
Estimating the target Realisation approximately in 1-2 weeks (according to sample deliveries) Speed up your own work Travelling expenses according to agreement
Sample deliveries A concrete support for your plans

You get to improve your material knowledge

Felt report:
Material account/report
Material options
Cutting plan
Care instructions
Your company advertisement in our websites Felt gallery, if you wish

1.2. Feel for felt – felt samples to support your plans

Content Size Benefits Price (0% VAT) Extra services on demand
Sample materials selection is based on target mapping and estimation of demand On average
1 to 3 samples 8 x 5 cm/ piece Feel the felt. Look, smell study, stretch and rub. Find the perfect material and avoid miscalculations and waste of resources 7 €
4 to 6 samples 8 x 5 cm/ piece 14 €
7 to 10 samples 8 x 5 cm/ piece 21 €
Colour Chart Cards (S+R-collection) A5 + with 12 3x4cm felt pieces True colours – fast and easily! 7,50 €/card or 35€ for all colours
- R Collection has also thin felts
Sample files for design felt: 3 large A4 size files
Felt Palette files
- 3 files with ring file binders
- all the stock colours
- care instructions
Felt sheet size:
20 x 20 cm /each
Simple yet stylish material files to support your design projects: in planning and presenting it to customers. 130€ Updates for texts: Load the latest pages via e-letter or from website, carefree and with zero costs.
Felt squares -updates for material files 20×20 cm Stay on the map! New felt colours to keep you on top of the game. Easily! 5 € /pc

Felt Palette files


2 Cutting

Materials have been selected, plans are ready – all you need now is to carry it out. Use our cutting service and make your plans come true.


KH Felts has decades of experience in tailoring felt to clients needs. Industrial felt sealings, wipers, strips and many other supplies and components for clients needs have been developed in cooperation.

We have the skill and will to help our clients to ease their own processes.

We cut felts in circles, triangles, squares or even strips/shreds. Our supplier network also guarantees reliable deliveries even from complicated and detailed cutting plans.

You decide the shape – we make it happen.
Get to know our Felt Room examples,
where you will find plans already fulfilled!

Send us your plan and make a request for quotation!

Instructions for a request for quotation:

1. Indicate the felt quality you are looking for: code, thickness, density or square weight (e.g. BV 3 mm 0.25 g/cm3)

  • Discuss about different options with us and use the felt expert or material sample services, when needed

2. Attach the cutting plan and count the amount of felt (how the pieces will fit into the width of a roll)

  • remember to check for the cutting plan: the roll width of the felt quality at issue and possible margins for cutting
  • inform the wished cutting method, if known
  • attach the model picture and also a vectorized picture of the model for the evaluation of the cutting costs (file format examples: AI, DWG, EPS, PDF, JPG, PSD)
  • notify the measurements of the piece(s) as well

All our offers include one hour of work for diverse calculations. In case this time is exceeded, the exceeded time will be charged according to our planning services rate.

Pricing and delivery details are always given in the quotation.