KH Sealing strip

    KH Sealing strip

    KH Sealing Strip is incomparable sealing product for log building. Whether you represent pre-fabricated building contractor, industrial log contractors, hand-crafted log carpentry or you are building just for yourself – in all cases we offer you our services. The KH Sealing Strip is a reliable choice in all kinds of building solutions. The KH Sealing Strip is best known as a sealing material for log constructions and it guarantees long-term durability for your structure.

    Sealing material is made from polypropylene and the sealing strip has strong and firm qualities with all its simplicity.

    The KH sealing strip

    • does not decay – it does not absorb water
    • no mold – there is no growth medium for it
    • it doest not cause any allergic reactions – there is no dangerous chemicals nor dust

    Felt strip has also been tested for the M1 classification in 2007. M1 emission classification indicates that the product has a positive effect on indoor climate quality. The emission classifications for building materials are granted by the Building Information Foundation RTS.

    As a sealing material, it is …

    • cut-in-width and therefore easily and quickly installed. It is a light material that does not absorb humidity, so it can be installed in all weather conditions.
    • light and has elastic composition that lives alongside structural movements

    KH-rakennusnauharullaKH Sealing Strip rolls

    The KH Sealing Strip is proved to be fireproof and long-lasting – it is tested by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland). It is sustainable sealing for log constructions and it has a positive impact on buildings’ life-cycle-costs. Polypropylene sealing is manufactured as short-fibred, which allows easy penetration for dowels in log structures.

    KH Sealing Strip is also suitable in all other constructions, when you need a sealing material that endures humidity and has elastic structure. In pre-fabricated building constructions the sealing strip can be used for example in sill plates.

    The KH Sealing Strip does not absorb the humidity – it preserves the natural, breathable character of wood.

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    Download the English product brochure: KHFELTS_esite_KH-strip